In April 2018 we traded in our much loved VW Camper at Campersales, West Sussex and took delivery of a Westfalia Amundsen 600D.  We have been to France twice this year and also used it on trips to Devon and Cornwall. A joy to drive, we are very pleased with our purchase!

The 600 is the perfect layout for two people. At under 6m long it can be driven almost anywhere, although the 2.6m height is more restricting than the VW was. The main things we like about it are:

  • Front seats swivel and form a comfortable diner for 4 – ideal when entertaining.
  • Wet Room with enough space for a plus six footer to shower in.
  • Good capacity compressor fridge and adequate storage.
  • A 1.9m X 1.4m bed that is just a bed, not a seat that has to double up as a bed.
  • Huge storage under the bed, accessible from both the rear doors and inside.

The conversion is on a Fiat Maxi base with the 2.3L 150 engine that is flexible and pulls readily, although obviously still ‘tight’. On our first trip to Provence we averaged 29mpg – I’m a bit ‘anal’ about fuel consumption, relying on good brim to brim readings recorded in Excel.