How good is the Westfalia Amundsen 600D?

This is our fourth Motorhome – following two VW campers and a small coachbuilt – and we now think we have found the perfect size/layout for two people. At under 6 meters long it is quite easy to park but offers adequate room for us plus our ‘bits’. The huge amount of storage space available under the double bed is very welcome.

What about the ‘Fit and Finish’?

Very good! All woodscrews tight and secure. The leisure battery and associated electrics are connected with good specification cables. As a volume manufacturer, Westfalia are able to produce plastic trim panels around windows and doors, unlike smaller companies they don’t use carpet lining. This creates an impression of well thought out design.

Driving a Ducato 150 powered vehicle?

A joy to drive! This engine pulls extremely well due to it’s variable pitch Turbocharger impeller. I’m a bit ‘anal’ about fuel consumption and always fill to the brim and record in Excel. Over a two year period we have averaged 30mpg.

What Modifications have been made?

No Motorhome is perfect and can always be tweaked to ones personal taste. On this page is listed some of the modifications and changes that we have been able to do.

Layout of the Amundsen 600D

The ‘Driven Temple’ – an explanation…
Some years ago our daughter remarked that I spent so much time tweaking and playing in our van and she felt I worshiped it. “It’s like driving around in a Temple“. Each subsequent ‘van has enjoyed that title.
We bought our first campervan in 1996 – an Autohomes Kameo VW T3. In 1999 we traded up to a Fiat Scudo based CI Itaca.  Then, in 2009 we returned to VW, this time a T5 based Bilbos Celex.