Bilbos have been converting VWs since the 1970s and have refined the design and layout over the years.  Having said that, the conversion follows the usual layout of the furniture down one side with a bed that folds out from the rear seats.  Making the bed means folding the rear squab forwards then rolling the bedding, which is stored behind, out over the bed. Takes just a few seconds.

Plus points:

  • A Quality conversion.  All the furniture fits well and has very firmly stuck edge covering, not the ‘knocked on’ edging found in cheaper conversions.
  • We like the no-nonsense elegance and efficiency of the interior, particularly the hard wearing sweep-clean floors.
  • Water tank is inboard and so is partially insulated.
  • The short wheelbase is quite large enough for our needs and helps with parking spaces.
  • At just 2m high, it will fit under most carpark barriers.
  • Cruise control, together with the armrests, makes long distance driving a real pleasure.

Minus points:

  • Why is the water filler inside the vehicle, next to the bedding?  Great care has to be taken when filling up.
  • The front curtains supplied are so big they drape around the front and take up too much space when tied back for travelling.  We have removed these and now use a set of Brandrup Isolite internal screens for the front cab and rear windscreen.