Some of the places we have visited over the last few years

The beauty of a campervan holiday is the ability to stop a while and enjoy the place or, move on because it wasn’t what you expected.


Temporary windbreak for the BBQ at Baleal, Portugal. Very popular with windsurfers, if you park up close to this Bar you can get a good WiFi signal.


Trotting along the beach near Barflour. This young girl was having a wonderful time on the deserted beach.


Campsite at Llanes, Northern Spain


Omaha Beach, Normandy.  Been here many times and I find it quite emotional when you stand on the high ground and see the amount of open space there is in front of you.


River Oudon at Segre, Anjou.  Lovely little Aire here in the middle of the town.


The Camargue is the only place in France where pink flamingos nest.


Watching the sun go down on Isle’ Noirmoutier, Western France.  This Aire is now closed but, it demonstrates the advantage of the 2M height.  Drive under the barrier and park up as a car then, as the sun goes down, up goes the roof for a wonderful night listening to the crashing of the surf as you drift off to sleep.


On the banks of the Dordogne, watching the canoeists drifting downstream.  Here we have the ‘single bed sheet’ awning extension in use!  With a length of cord glued along one edge to run into the ready made groove on the Fiamma awning, it provides welcome extra shade.

The Aire at Montreuil Sur Ille, Brittany. A pleasant location between two locks overlooking the Canal d’Ille-et-Rance.