A single 150w flexible solar panel is fitted on the roof, attached by 3M double sided tape. This feeds a Victron Smartsolar 75/15 MPPT controller located under the driver’s seat.Raspberry

Using Victron’s free Venus Operating System on a Raspberry Pi 3 allows us to monitor the generation and consumption of habitation power. I originally thought that we might need more than 150W and at one period a B2B charger was considered however, the Victron software has reassured us that the two AGM batteries the Amundsen came with are still capable of satisfying our daily needs as I am able to record the battery state and solar panel output over a period of several days.Screenshot

Looking at a 24hr period I can see how the compressor fridge is using power at night and the amount of current input from solar during the day. The short blip at around 10am the next day was when we took a short 16 mile journey, convincing me that a B2B was not going to be necessary.Volt_Current